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Mint on demand | Beta

Selling NFTs on Spring is easy, we call it Mint-On-Demand™, where a crypto wallet isn’t required and no minting fees apply.

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Zero upfront costs

Adding an NFT to your Spring store is free and as easy as launching a hoodie or e-book. There’s no upfront costs or minting fees applied.


Crypto-free launches

We make it easy for you to sell and fans to buy, with no crypto currencies required. We’ll create a free crypto-wallet for you and fans after purchase.


Earn and earn again

Earning doesn’t stop once your NFT is purchased; continue to collect royalties every time your NFT is traded or sold.

On-demand minting

With Bondly, NFTs are only minted after they’ve been sold to help reduce environmental impact. This also removes upfront costs and risks for creators.

Polygon blockchain

NFTs are minted through Bondly on the Polygon blockchain, which uses 99.998% less energy compared to other blockchains.

NFTs are about community...

NFTs are a great way for your super fans to support you as a creator and become a part of your journey.

As your digital presence grows, your NFTs could become more desired and turn into iconic collectables within your community. NFT owners will now be incentivised to share your content, shout about your channel and help your profile really is a win-win situation.

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Mint on demand | Beta

Sell your NFTs directly on Linktree using our powerful creator commerce integration.

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